Marketing and sales programs
The course focuses on the development of participants 'skills in understanding and meeting the needs of customers and the use of persuasion and methods of solving customers' problems through the application of modern marketing concepts. Participants session: - - Personnel departments Sales
Cycle excellence in customer service
Session aims to provide workers in the field of marketing and sales with the knowledge, skills and scientific foundations that enable them to use technological methods and Internet sites in the marketing of their products.
E-Marketing Course
Session aims to provide workers in the field of marketing and sales knowledge and skills and the scientific foundations that will enable them to identify marketing opportunities Altaha in the business environment and develop strategies appropriate marketing that focuses on product or service, pricing and promotion and distribution with an
Effective marketing strategies cycle
Course aims to provide participants with knowledge and skills that enable them to manage sales efficiently and effectively, and increase their ability to persuade customers to buy their products and to overcome the problems of customers and satisfy their desires and Ahtejathm
The development of skills of workers in marketing and sales cycle